Chris Duranti

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Dedicated, curious, and driven software developer looking to build on skills in web and mobile applications.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Works well independently or as part of a team.


Proficient Elixir, Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS

Familiar Erlang, Scala, Java

Experience With Linux, Flask, Django, Phoenix, node.js, React, Redux, backbone.js, jQuery, Postgres, Less, redis, Git


University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC
Major: Computer Science 2009-2014



Developer @ Socrata, Seattle WA

Working mainly on the backend services responsible for serving datasets. Killing GeoServer and GeoTools with a fire.

Technologies: Scala, Java


Developer @ Coho Data, Vancouver BC

Responsible for implementing parts of the company's web based scale out storage monitoring and administration console.

Technologies: JavaScript, Python, backbone.js, Flask


Consultant @ Wifarer Inc, Victoria BC

Technical lead on interactive content management web application. Worked on implementing API functionality as well as creating the client side application.

Technologies: JavaScript, backbone.js, Django, Python, MySQL, HTML/CSS/LESS, Ansible, Linux


Contractor @ Xirogi, Vancouver BC

Built back end real time web services as well as realtime front end applications. Focused on making the mobile web application lightweight and fast.

Technologies: node.js, mongodb, backbone.js, HTML/CSS/LESS


Web Developer @ TradableBits, Vancouver BC

Worked on their Stream project, a tool allowing businesses to aggregate presence across different social media platforms. Designed and built backend, frontend, client and consumer facing portions.

Technologies: JavaScript, backbone.js, Django, Python, PostgreSQL, jQuery

5/2011-12/2011 and 5/2012-9/2012

Software Developer @ Wifarer Inc, Victoria BC

Wrote a custom content management tool and application server. Previously involved in Android development for their indoor location services app.

Technologies: Django, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML/CSS/LESS, Memcached, Redis, Java, AndroidSDK


CPSC110 and CPSC101 Teaching Assistant @ University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC

Helped students in labs and during office hours on lab material and problem sets. Required an understanding of software design with the ability to communicate and explain effectively.


A web app to help with the transcription of online music by ear
[Elixir, Javascript, Phoenix, Postgres]


dom parser

Aircooled Rescue

A community site for aircooled Volkswagen owners to post their contact information and offer help in the event that a fellow aircooled VW traveller has an issue on the road.
[Python, Django, backbone.js, jQuery, HTML/CSS/LESS, nginx, Gunicorn, Memcached, Git]

Census Explorer

A search engine for US Census datasets. (dead ;_;)
[Elastic Search, flask, backbone.js]

Automatic vulnerability notifications for your app's dependencies (dead ;_;)
[Elixir, Phoenix, postgres, ecto, backbone, gulp, browserify]

minnows with machine guns

A cloud load tester which creates many digital ocean instances to load test a site.
[Python, dop]

and many others, linked through my blog or github


Web and mobile applications built on open source tools are my primary interest. Many types of projects interest me, from web applications to hardware hacks, as long as they solve an interesting problem.

Apart from computers, I enjoy playing the bass, working on my Volkswagens, photography, and coffee.