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Ranking cities by their Pet Friendly Factor

April 16th, 2013

It's time to move again. That means I've been browsing the Craigslist apartment and housing section more than I'd really like. Looking for housing in Vancouver already blows, so I didn't think it could get much worse. Since my girlfriend has a dog that she (and I) would love to have live with us, this meant checking the "allows dogs and cats" box on the Craigslist search form. As soon as you do this, you may notice that there are like 2 listings that meet that criteria. That sucks...but surely it can't just be relegated to Vancouver. After all, this is the place with an organic, free range, grass fed, fair trade dog food store on every block, so there's no way it can be unfriendly towards pets, right? People in Vancouver must really love dogs and cats.

Question: which cities are the friendliest towards pets?

I looked on the Seattle Craigslist and saw that there were plenty of ads that allowed pets, so I decided to take it a step further. I wrote a little script to look at the Craigslist apartment and housing listings for major cities. It put the listings into buckets based on date. It just compares the number of postings that allow pets to the total number of postings for that particular date. Then it averages the dates together, and you get the percentage of postings that allow pets, by day. Initially I wasn't expecting any significant differences between cities, but the results showed something else (damnit). Each city had about 2500 listings taken into account, and these are based on current (April 16, 2013) craigslist ads.

TL;DR : If you want to have a pet in Vancouver, then move to Seattle